Laxmikant Upadhyay, Age 84 year, Ujjain (MP)

I am Laxmikant Upadhyay, 84 year old. Three months back, I diagnosed with dementia, sudden memory loss. I am not able to do my routine work properly and lost my senses. Not able to recall things after few hours. My condition was very bad as I have no clue what to do and how to do.

Sonal advised me to do some yoga to come out of this problem. Practicing yoga completely changed my life. With each day, my routine started to came back as I started to regain senses and able to recall things. Yoga has taught me about myself and how to access the present moment, which is important to my recovery. Now i recall all my lost memories and able to do all my routine work very efficiently, get better coordination with my mind and body. Even i also recovered with my eye issues and my lenses number also reduced. Started to feel calmer and have peaceful mind.</p

Daily practicing pranayama, meditation and light asana practice with healthy diet really works for me. God bless Sonal to enlighten and regain momentum of my life at this stage.

    Sapna Dubey Age 52 years, Indore (MP)

    Hi, I am suffering from hyper acidity along with thyroid and obesity from long time. I had visited so many places but not get relief from my problem. After taken her Ayurveda diet, my acidity reduce and also reduce some weight. Along with diet, I am also doing some yoga practices as advised by Sonal, which helped me to balance my thyroid. Thank u so much for your support for taking me out from this problem.

      Ajit Age 46 year, Pune (Maharashtra)

      I am 46 year old suffering from diabetes and thyroid from long time. Depended on medicine but still not able to cure my problem. But after joining her I got many benefits regarding my health problems. Since I’ve joined her classes my weight has increased to a considerable amount and diabetes is coming undercontrol. I feel more energetic and more productive. It has benefited me a lot.

        Sonal Joshi Age 45 year, Mumbai (Maharashtra)

        Hi, I'm suffering from migraine, back pain and varicose veins from a long time. But after joining her classes I'm able to see a big improvement in all of these problems. She also suggested me a good diet plan which has a great impact on my lifestyle, and physical health. I am looking forward to her classes for all my problems related to health.

          Usha Age 77 year, Faridabad (Haryana)

          Namaskar, I am very happy to follow her. I get many benefits regarding my health. I have legs pain, which affect my sleep and I have insomnia. Sonal guided me to change my diet and suggested some light exercises. I followed it and now i have a sound sleep with improved digestive system. Her personal touch with everyone is really amazing. God bless her.